kouzlo japonských masáží shiatsu

Information for english visitors:


Traditional Japanesse massages
My name is Petr Závodný and Im Shiatsu practicioner since 2009. My work is based on schools of Koho Shiatsu (Japan), Rojin-Liang and Zen Shiatsu along with mixture of various technics from energetical healing work and other kinds of massages.

 Shiatsu is traditional Japanese massage technic with thousand year long tradition. This kind of massage proved as being very powerful to help human being in many ways, when Shiatsu is extremely effective in the work with chronical pains and states as well as with stiff muscles. Main reason of this effectivenes is the fact, that Shiatsu work both with phisical and energetical body  together without priortization of either. In practice, this aproach makes human body not only working again phisicaly but also energy is flowing again so effect of the massage is much longer and deeper then, for example, with classical (Swedish) massage.


Therapies takes place in either english or czech language.

Shiatsu therapies Im offering may help you in following ways:
- pain in joints and muscles

- pain in a back

- problems with good sleep

- chronical tiredness

- digestion problems

- with addictions

- wih chonical pains

- with various psychological problems

- return balance in life and remove old pains

- return the will to live

- problems in sexuality

Shiatsu treatment does not replace medical care!

Treatment & price:
Treatment usualy takes about one and half hour up to 2 hours depending on whats necessary. In this time is included short consultation with you as well as time for you after the massage. Pure time of massage usualy varries in a range of 45-60 minutes.

Price of a treatment is 30euro per session.
e-mail: shiatsu@napismi.cz
skype: verimathras
phone: +420 775 915 121
(I will not make phone calls to foreign countries, you will have to contact me, either by phone or e-mail, which I check regularly)

consulting will take place in:
- each couple of weeks Im stationed in Modling and I can visit you at home in Mödling or Vienna (price for travel is not included in the price of a treatment)

terms and conditions:
(these conditions can be changed if the client and I agree)
Price is paid in advance or in cash. If you miss an appointment and you didn't cancel it 24 h in advance, you have to pay for the booked treatment. We can make a new appointment within one month with no additional costs.

I'm looking forward to help you get a new blood into your veins and look on the life again with a better perspective :)

Petr Závodný