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Choosing our goals

15.01.2016 10:36
Lately come to my mind topic of right choosing of my goals. What inspired me was reaction of one of my friends. I was pointing out, that my life is pretty good and that I did not got here because of telling other people whats "the only right path" and how "everybody do it wrong because they dont do what I feel right", reaction of my friend was, that not all are "one step before enlightenment and they need to learn theyr own lessons". What striked me was this idea, that having a good life (in sence of living ones own way as fully as possible) is "one step before enlightenment".
In my perspective, having flourishing relationship(s), work of the hearth and sorted all basic needs is very far from final realization, commonly called as enlightenment or nirvana. In my perspective, its just starting point on very long path where doing real work is possible without major distractions. At this point I just want to point out, that relationship can mean also flourishing relationship to ones own, work of heart can be being pilgrim in mountains, traveler without any "job" or perfectly common employment which fulfills ones soul. Sorted basic needs can also mean, that one has simply all one needs, it dosnt needs to mean Porsche in garage and rolex on hands. As always - attachment to form is only misleading, its about ones feelings about these things.
And here I come to todays topic. Setting right goals. Basic idea is this -nothing can ever get to final limit, nothing in space can be ideal, in quantum science its called Pauli exclusion principle - in very short - there can never be something what works always on 100%. Example - you can never reach absolute zero temperature, you can never reach speed of light - its possible to just get maximally close to these values, how close is determinated by above mentioned Pauli exclusion principle. Now, why I mention this - as I believe - its similar with goals - you can not reach the goal you actually set, just get maximally close. Sometimes it happens, thats when we are unconscious and forgot to be conscious, close eyes and hope for the best. Its sure option, but in my life, I value conscious approach - I want to be conscious what happens and how things are, not close eyes and "hope for the best".
So how I achieve my goals? I always set my goals into realm of "impossible", somewhere where I just cant reach with all I got at the moment. In this moment, all partial goals (f.ex.: relationship/work/needs; enlightenment etc...) become all the sudden much smaller, still as well important, but not so overwhelming anymore, because they become mere milestones instead of being unreachable Mount Everest (well, for most of us anyway :) ). For me, that brings a lot of easiness into my work.
One might thing, that this is only my personal approach and partly its sure right, but I didnt got sudden inspiration from god to learn this. You can observe this principle in every-day life too. For example - boxers (all disciplines where you punch) are told to not aim for face while punching, not to aim on surface of boxing sack, but to aim behind the head / on opposite side of boxing sack. Why? Because then is punch much more effective, much stronger. At the "arrival" point of punch is not so strong dynamic like on the way of hand before impact. I believe you can apply this into previous paragraph about setting goals - aim more far away then where you want to nail it.
Set your goals as big as you are daring to imagine, set them into impossible. There will be nobody judging your final goal, nobody punishing you for your daring. Be it president of planet earth, god, champion of the world in several or all disciplines! Because - why not?! There is nothing to loose. And if you think - why to set goals I cant never achieve, wouldnt I be disappointed? Well, doing something for achieving it is hollow, pointless, meaningless shell. Its like to wish to be healthy or rich. Be healthy or rich means absolutely nothing, because it dosnt include any growth, there is no improvement in anything, no joy, no satisfaction, no potential in wish like that. But if you try "I want to be healthy to go climbing, to be champion." or "I need money to make travel around the world, to go study into foreign country." - there is lots of potential, suddenly, having those money or be healthy is not so BIG anymore, its just a milestone on a very long, exiting path.
Oh and what I forgot to mention - not only goals got less frightening - obstacles will grow smaller as well, because, after all, there are just one of many different milestones on a long path. About obstacles and challenges I will maybe write some other time.
Good luck on your paths ;)