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Inner guidance vs. learning from others?

26.02.2015 18:19

Today I saw article from my wonderful friend and it inspired me to write something on account of illusionary incompatibility between inner guidance and learning from others. I see 2 extremes in this topic, 1 camp of people thinks they must abolve schools and meet many masters and learn tons of techniques and they do, and they dont move much. Other extreme, much much much smaller group, is unable to accept teachings of others, because they have resistance to learning from somebody else and are listening to just inner guidence. And dont move much. I see reason for this in simple misunderestanding that, as always, middle way is best. And as always, explore both these extremes is extremely helpful to find this healthy middle where I can open hearthedly learn from anyone and everything and use all what meets me in life to enhance and richen my inner guidence to show me more. This is my message to my friend:

I listen to inner guidance in every aspect of my life. Dosnt mean I dont let myself being inspired by others. Inner guidance is broadly formed by my experience, which is always limited. And other people has other experiences, and being inspired by others (which is misleadingly labelled as "teaching") brings not just more tools for inner guidance to work with, but also speeds up everything. There is reason why pupils of true masters achieve even greater understanding of given area, because giving experiences further is very valuable and speeds understanding of principles.
If I would come to class of joga or tai-chi or whatever and would wait that teacher/master gives me something, I would probably learn just very little, it would be just wanting for another "pill", people love it so much... But if I come to same class with clear head and open heart, and I take everything from each moment of the class - I can teach myself, my inner guidance new ways easily.
Study origins of several ancient systems may be very enlightening. Those systems come to human kind exactly as you describe, as what they call in Japan shinto (not shinto as religion but as isolated term) - divine suggestion. And at some point, every receiver of this suggestion from higher power felt inner urge to share this gift with other human beings, because sharing different gifts between us make rich us all and it feels very destructive to keep this gift for one self.
I can choose to ignore it and spend unnecessary years of learning something many times explored and understood elsewhere, it might be great fun actually, why not! Or I can choose to absorb what is explored already (often people master something without understanding principles and god bless them for that, because from those natural masters is very easy to learn those principles by observing them in they natural relaxed mastery) and boldly travel further to spaces where nobody dared before and have lots of fun too   !
its always good to know, there is more choices in everything ;)