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17.01.2016 10:47

What dosnt shake is absent of life

"Nothing what lives can stay unchanged forever." Great reminder I read today. Its been long time since this principle is showing me whats in harmony with life and whats just artificial bullshit. Things what are same for too long or even need to be defended to stay same - those cant be in harmony...


15.01.2016 10:36

Choosing our goals

Lately come to my mind topic of right choosing of my goals. What inspired me was reaction of one of my friends. I was pointing out, that my life is pretty good and that I did not got here because of telling other people whats "the only right path" and how "everybody do it wrong because they...


26.02.2015 18:19

Inner guidance vs. learning from others?

Today I saw article from my wonderful friend and it inspired me to write something on account of illusionary incompatibility between inner guidance and learning from others. I see 2 extremes in this topic, 1 camp of people thinks they must abolve schools and meet many masters and learn tons of...